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The following information is given out on the basis that it has not been verified by myself; and that I do not necessarily know the teachers personally or professionally and therefore can make no comment on their style, or their ability as a teacher.
Professional name : Outi
Address :
Email : [email protected]
Teaching location(1) : Helsinki-based, but holds workshops at venues throughout Finland and othe (Finland)
Style(s) of dance taught : Classical and modern raks sharki, Egyptian folklore; Props: milaya, cane, veil, finger symbals, shamadan, spoons
Regular weekly classes : Yes
Half-day workshops : Yes
Full-day or
weekend workshops :
Years experience of
belly-dancing :
Years experience of
teaching :
Website address : http://www.helsinki.fi/~oboman /
Comments : My specialites are Egyptian folklore( including Haggala, Milaya Leff, Nubian, Fellahi, Simsimeya) and some other folk dances like Gulf Khaleegy, Tunisian and Libanese Dabke.

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