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Teacher Details

The following information is given out on the basis that it has  been provided by the teacher themselves; has not been verified by myself; and that I do not necessarily know the teachers personally or professionally and therefore can make no comment on their style, or their ability as a teacher.  It includes details primarily of specialist belly dance teachers, but there are also some details of teachers of related dance forms and of related music such as drumming.  Teachers do not pay to be included in this list - it is open to anyone that wishes to be listed.
The list is quite small at present, as I do not display teachers' details without their permission.  As more permissions are received, the list will be expanded so, if there's not a teacher indicated in your area, please e-mail me and I may still be able to help you (or just keep checking out the site now and again!!).

Teacher details in geographic sequence Teacher details in geographic (Country/UK county) sequence

Teacher details in name sequence Teacher details in name (professional or first name) sequence

If you are a teacher and would like your details listed on my site, please click on the button below, complete the form and send it to me.  Please note that I check regularly for the currency of e-mail addresses. If you do not update me on changes, then I will assume you are no longer teaching and your entry will be deleted!

Teacher details form Teacher details form

For drumming (darbuka) or middle-eastern dance band (Mukka), contact Numan Elyer - dance accompaniment, classes, workshops, CD.Numan Elyer details

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