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Each year, Jacqueline takes groups of her students (and, sometimes, their friends, families, partners, etc.) on a number of International Workshops. They vary from weekends to full weeks; and can be in any country where belly dancing is practised as a serious art form. These trips are mainly fun; it's a holiday! But it has a serious side - we have one or more intensive dance workshops, usually with an authentic local dance teacher; and we visit sites of cultural importance to our art form. If you may be interested in such a trip and would like to influence the future choice of venue or itinerary, please take a few minutes to complete and send the following form to Jacqueline.  

Please note: If you experience any difficulties responding to this form, (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser such as IE4 or Netscape Navigator) you may email your responses to this form to: [email protected].  
Some forms-capable browsers can transmit e-mails directly; others will use your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook or Eudora); so make sure that your e-mail program is running before pressing the "Submit" button; and then check to see if you have a generated mail message in your Outbox (which you will need to transmit).

Jacqueline's International Workshops are a non profit-making venture.

Please enter your e-mail address below, if you have one, so that we can keep you advised of future workshops that meet your requirements 

Which locations would you like to visit? (click on as many as you like)
Egypt Cairo Sharm el Sheikh Luxor Aswan Alexandria  
Turkey Istanbul Fetiyeh Other
Morocco Casablanca   Marakesh Other
Other Bulgaria Greece Romania        Tunisia         Other

What would be your first choice of location? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

Please indicate any other area you would like us to consider
Other areas:

What is your preferred standard of accommodation? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

What is your minimum standard of accommodation? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

Would you prefer your workshops to be taught by an authentic local teacher; by Jacqueline on her own; or both?  (Note that Jacqueline oversees and takes part in all workshops, regardless of the teaching option)
Authentic local teacher     Jacqueline Chapman Both

Do you prefer an all-in package, covering flights, accommodation, dance workshops, main sight-seeing trips and a dinner/cabaret show; to select all items individually; or to have a basic package (e.g. flights + accommodation) with all other items optional?
Fully inclusive Individual items    Basic package    

Do you prefer to go away during school holidays, or not?
During school holidays    Outside of school holidays Doesn't matter

For a 7-day holiday, what would be your maximum budget (excluding spending money and optional trips)? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

What is your maximum budget (excluding spending money and optional trips) for a 4-day break? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

What would you consider to be the single most important aspect,
for you as an individual, on a trip with Jacqueline? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

What length of trip would you prefer? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

How far in advance do you normally prefer to book your holidays? (click on the down arrow to select a different one)

Do you prefer most of your time as free time; or on organised activities?
Free time
Organised activities
Don't mind

Will you consider indirect flights, if this achieves a significant cost saving (usually £50 - £80)

If you would like us to post a brochure to you of any future holiday, please enter details below. Please note that, as a non-profit-making organisation, we can only accommodate a limited number of such requests. If we receive too many, we shall e-mail the brochure to you instead (so please make sure you entered your e-mail address at the top).


Address 1:

Address 2:

Address 3:


If we e-mail your brochure(s), which word-processing format would you prefer?
Word 95/V6 (.DOC)   Word 97 (.DOC)   Wordperfect 5x/6x/8 (.WPD)  
Rich Text Format (.RTF)         Text only (.TXT)

Please enter any other comments / requests below

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please make sure that you have entered your email address at the start of the form and then press the Submit button to send it; or the Reset button to clear the form and start again.  

If the form is accepted a page will be displayed advising you of this - you will then need to press the "Back" menu button (usually a left-pointing triangle) if you wish to to return here.

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