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Private tuition with Jacqueline Chapman Private tuition
Jacqueline Chapman's video - 'Belly Dancing' Belly
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Navel Jewels; assorted colours : £1 each + 50p p&p.
Zills (finger cymbals) (Brass) : £7 per set + £2 p&p.
Music audio-cassette ; Egyptian and Turkish, on request :

{Choreography provided with relevant music, on request, if available.}

£5 each + £1 p&p.
Teaching Video or DVD - "BELLY DANCING" :

52 minutes running time. As sold in shops.

Jacqueline Chapman's video - 'Belly Dancing' Click here to buy online!

£12 each + £4 p&p.

(£5 p&p overseas)

Veils (assorted) : £6 - £30
Costumes :

From £26 - £hundreds.
Average £160 to £300 for cabaret and
£60 to £160 for traditional (Baladi)

Hip-belts from £15 - £45

Practice Canes : £2 & £4 & £7 each.
Private Tuition;
(max 3 students per class) :
£36 - £80 dependent upon studio venue

All items are available to personal callers
(by appointment only, please).

Mail Order supplies are normally restricted to video , DVD and audio-cassettes, navel jewels and zills, as I fear that buying without sight of the items may lead to disappointment.  However, if you are willing to accept the risk of disappointment (goods may only be returned if faulty or incorrectly sized) then I can supply the following on mail order:

Hip belts at £30 plus £2 P+P;
Costumes at £160 plus £10 P+P;
Professional weight costumes from £300 plus £12 P+P.

Call to enquire about items at sale prices

When ordering, please advise your first and second choice of colour; and advise full details of your size.  Please telephone first to check availability and choice.

   See contacts page
Telephone numbers and e-mail address for address for mail order

Cheques made payable to "J. Chapman"

Videos and DVDs can be purchased on-line - payment via PayPal - see Jacqueline Chapman's video - 'Belly Dancing' Video - Jacqueline Chapman - "Belly Dancing"

If you wish to pay for any other item by debit or credit card or from your PayPal account (minimum transaction value £10), please request a PayPal invoice to be sent to you by email (transaction charge applies). Note that Paypal only accept physical delivery/account addresses, so if you have a PO box address or a forces address (APO or BFPO) you will probably not be able to use this service.

Costumes, hip-belts, veils etc., can sometimes be purchased
at Jacqueline's classes and workshops.   
If you may require this service, please call Jacqueline before
attending to check whether she will have suitable items with her
at that particular class or workshop.