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The next workshop in central London is at Danceworks on November 19th - but is SOLD OUT - please telephone to enquire if there have been any cancellations.

My workshops cater for all levels, beginner to advanced/professional. I teach middle-eastern dance authentically; primarily classical Egyptian; with elements taken from all classical middle east bellydancing cultures, including Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, etc.  They cover style and technique and teach a choreographed dance routine.  Most London workshops are held at DanceWorks, 16 Balderton Street, London, W1 on selected Sunday afternoons, 2-5pm (but occasionally elsewhere within the UK and the Middle East).

Dress : Most beginners wear T-shirt and skirt or leggings - something loose, cool & comfortable; and we are preferably barefoot.

Numbers are strictly limited and workshops are often fully booked four weeks or more in advance,
so early booking is essential.

Costs as shown below, payable in full when booking.    

You are advised to phone or e-mail to book a place before sending any money or making an online (Paypal) payment (using a debit/credit card or a bank transfer)!  Bookings made for sold-out workshops will be refunded, but a £3 administration charge applies.  
You will need to create a PayPal (eBay) account if you don't already have one - this can be done quite simply when you click on the appropriate button below.  
Note that Paypal only accept physical delivery/account addresses, so if you have a PO box address or a forces address (APO or BFPO) you will probably not be able to use this service.

Before booking, male dancers wishing to take part in workshops are advised strongly to refer to my policy Policy on men in classes in this respect. 

Dates in 2007



January 21st 2-5pm With Sagat (Zills). Chislehurst. £40 (plus £7 or £12 for zills, if required).  
February 25th 2-5pm Danceworks, London. £40

Book and pay by Paypal (£41.50)

April 22nd 2-5pm Danceworks, London. £40

Book and pay by Paypal (£41.50)

June 2nd - 9th Marrakech, Morocco. £tba Belly Dancing Workshop in Marrakech
July 23rd - 27th.  Beginners (a.m.); Intermediate (p.m.) Marlborough College Summer School, Witshire.Residential courses at MCSC
August 5th 2-5pm Danceworks, London. £40

Book and pay by Paypal (£41.50)

August 16th - 19th Istanbul, Turkey. £tba Belly Dancing Workshop in Istanbul
September 23rd 2-5pm Danceworks, London. £40

Book and pay by Paypal (£41.50)

October 20th - 28th   Cairo & Luxor, Egypt. £tba Details of Jacqueline Chapman's Belly Dancing Workshops in Luxor and Cairo
November 25th 2-5pm Danceworks, London. £40

Book and pay by Paypal (£41.50)

Places booked by phone or e-mail will be held pending receipt of a payment for a maximum of 5 days only.  Cheques, made payable to "J Chapman", can be sent by post, to the address on the Contact information Telephone numbers and e-mail address page.  If there are less than 6 working days to the workshop, there is insufficient time to post and process a cheque - so payment must be either in cash (at one of my classes) or via PayPal (by clicking the Telephone numbers and e-mail address button for the workshop you want above). (If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can set one up by following the simple instructions.

If you have checked availability and received confirmation that there is a place available on the workshop you wish to attend - and you wish to book and pay by credit card or direct debit - this can be done within 24 hours of receiving confirmation, via a PayPal account.  This incurs an additional cost of £1.50, so the total cost is £41.50.

Your receipt will be sent by email to the address that you advise to PayPal when setting up your account.  Please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you require a printed receipt.  

Payments are non-transferable, and non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the student.  
However, in case of cancellation, IF THE PLACE IS FILLED, I will credit you with £20 towards the next workshop, weekly classes, or payment towards a hip-belt or similar item.  
Credits must be utilised within the following month.

Residential workshops, when available (see table above for dates) can only be booked direct with the organisers:

Malborough College Summer School : 01672 892388/9 or

Maps to locate Danceworks and other venues at which workshops may take place can be found on the Weekly Classes Details of Jacqueline Chapman's Belly Dancing classes in the UK page  

Workshops at other locations nation-wide available on request
(subject to guaranteed minimum number of 20 students pre-paid)

Costumes, hip-belts, veils etc., can normally be purchased at Jacqueline's workshops.  If you may require any of these, please call Jacqueline prior to the workshop to check whether she will have suitable items with her at that particular workshop.