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In the Middle East, Belly Dancing is still significant as a symbol of maternity.  Belly Dancing is sometimes called 'Birth Dance' and, in parts of the Middle East and Russia, but mainly in North Africa, 'Birth Dance' is still practised.  The women of certain tribes gather around a woman in labour.  It is a tradition of childbirth as a shared experience that continues today.  The aim is to make the birth less painful by Belly Dancing together, to encourage and stimulate labour.  Sympathetic cries are exchanged between the circle of encouraging dancers and the woman in labour.
During pregnancy, the slower rolling and undulating movements are beneficial to the blood supply and muscle-tone in the abdominal area.  The important pelvic floor muscles together with the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, are strengthened with the "Mirage Method" of Belly Dancing.  My aim is to promote healthy child-bearing with Belly Babies pre-natal courses and then to help you to regain shape and muscle tone after child-birth with my post-natal Belly Dancing classes.
I am a mother of four, a Registered General Nurse with Obstetric and First-Aid experience, as well as a Professional Belly Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer.

My Belly Babies classes help women prepare for and enjoy the journey through pregnancy and child-birth. They are suitable for any stage of pregnancy. Each course lasts six weeks (locations vary depending upon demand). The classes are small, to ensure personal attention, and of one hour duration. Fees start from £60 per course and are payable in advance. Booking is essential.

When there is no Belly Babies course available, there may be a specialist workshop planned (see UK Workshops Weekend
 and Belly Babies techniques can be taught during my regular weekly classes - please enquire.

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